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Baggage? What baggage?

Flight Check illustration by Jeremy Vickery

If an alien asked you what would fix the world, what would YOU answer?

This story, “Flight Check“, gives one suggestion with surprising consequences. AE: The Canadian Science Fiction Review commissioned Jeremy Vickery to do an amazing illustration. It’s as if he were mind-reading me!



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What a trip!


Back in March, I had the enjoyable experience of writing a story in ten days based on the phrase “Big Bang in Brain” via the terrific folks running the SFComet contest in China.

The contest was judged by a Chinese audience (after being translated) and I lost to the winner by…one vote! One single vote! Oh, the humanity!

You can read “Connecting through the Cosmos” here in both languages.

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airport terminal

One of my older YA stories has been podcast for the first time by the wonderful folks at Cast of Wonders . “Hard Passage” is about a young boy, orphaned in a spaceport, who searches for inner strength when everything in his life is failing him.

Listen or read at Cast of Wonders!

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