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Amazing concept, amazing show!

Arts and words crowd scene
What if you held an art show where an artist did a visual interpretation of a written work, and then flipped the concept and had a writer create a story based upon an artwork? You’d have Bonnie Stufflebeam’s Arts & Words Show in Fort Worth, Texas!

I’m honored that “Off-Campus Housing” (which originally appeared in AE: The Canadian Science Fiction Review) was displayed beside an artwork inspired by my story. The drawing of the farmer exactly captures a scene in the story, just as I had imagined it! You can read my story at AE or listen to it on Meduspod and be sure to check out Courtney Kenny’s terrific artwork .
Touring Test picture Arts & Words

Equally exciting, I also had the privilege of writing a story derived from the combination of my wacky imagination and an awesome painting by Maria Ruiz. Both story and painting are titled “Alambre”. I hope my story did justice to this wonderful piece of art.



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