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Reality isn’t just all in your head


I don’t write much magical realism. Hard SF is more my style. But this little story wandered into my head one day and left rather large footprints.

It’s about self-actualization and overcoming one’s past. With citrus notes.

“The Scent of Hay and Oranges” is now up at Slink Chunk Press.


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Flights of Fancy


Everyone has one ghost story in them, and this humorous one turns out to be mine. It takes place in a busy airport and is a monologue from an “average joe” type of guy. Why? Because TSA agents are people too. 🙂

“Half-Baked” is now up at Theme of Absence.

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What if you could soar like an eagle?


A while ago, there was a youtube video making the social media rounds. It was taken by strapping a tiny camera to an eagle’s head as it flew over a river valley. A real bird’s eye view!

Recent advances in “mind melding”, such as this article in Nature were also very intriguing.

I knew I had to write a story combining both concepts.

“Limit of the Sky” in this month’s Perihelion SF was the result.

Hop on, take a ride!!

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