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Dead to Rights

Back in 2013, Edge Publishing put out a call for stories to go in the long-running Tesseracts series. The anthology asked for stories with a sense of Canada, where the setting itself was perhaps a character. I thought to myself, Edmonton Alberta, in the winter, in a graveyard–now THERE’S a challenging setting.

I added a character that doesn’t get much representation in speculative fiction — the second-generation Chinese immigrant caught between tradition and opportunity.

Plus I’ve always had an interest in the various platforms that education can take, from one-room schools to online classes.

And I had recently read a news article about recently-developed headstone software in Austria, using QR codes so the visitor’s cell phone could play a short biography of the deceased.

So I mixed all that together, took it all one step further and came up with “Graveyard Shift”.
Tesseracts 17 is available here in various formats.

The story has recently been produced as a podcast by The Overcast with pretty amazing production values.

However you choose to experience the story, I hope you enjoy it!


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