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What’s Love Got to Do with It?

I’m not a fan of traditional bodice-ripping romance fiction for all the obvious reasons–unrealistic expectations of relationships, misogyny or at least unbalanced gender roles, unchallenging stereotypes, need I go on? So when ID Press approached me to write just such a story for the next anthology in their Particles of Fiction series, I gave the genre a raised eyebrow and a fresh look-over. Turns out that modern romance fiction can have smart, capable people falling in love and finding out they are better together than apart.

This story has all the elements of standard romance, including Happily Ever After. And, naturally, I added some science fiction to it. What if technology let you actually know your partner’s thoughts intimately? Really get inside their head? How would that change relationships?

“Depth Perception” appears in the just-released Allucinor anthology. Find it in Kindle format here. Hope you ❤ it!


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Resistance Is Not Futile

Writers Resist is a literary collective born of the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election. It publishes creative expressions of resistance by diverse writers and artists from around the globe, and is dedicated to challenging all things that diminish the quest for equality, freedom, justice and a healthy planet for all—-while having a bit of fun.

My latest story, “Across the Hard-Packed Sand”, is only 1700 words but hopefully it punches above its weight class. Find it here on Writers Resist.

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