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I’ve just realized that there is no handy list of my podcasts. If you rather listen to my stories than read them, well, now you can binge-listen!:

A Twist of Fate (The Overcast)

Old People Rules (Cast of Wonders)

Hard Passage (Cast of Wonders)

Take a Good Look (Cast of Wonders)

Off-Campus Housing (part of a Meduspod episode)

Standard Deviant (part of Lightspeed’s Women Destroy SF on Audible)

Tough Crowd (Toasted Cake)

And, P.S. Another podcast will be out soon! Teaser: Dinosaurs!

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It’s within our grasp! Well, an anthology about immortality is, anyway. Hey, it’s a start, people.

I’m proud to have a story in the Lazarus Risen anthology from Bundoran Press. “Generation Gap” is about eternal youth, brain uploading, and other fun stuff. Get it today!

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Say, What Now?


Miscommunication is a continual thematic element in my writing and my latest story, “Ground Truthing”, is no exception.

This environmentally-flavored story appears in Helios Quarterly’s inaugural issue where, not coincidentally, the entire table of contents is in the theme of Miscommunication. You can get Issue #1 here or subscribe to a year’s worth here. Enjoy!

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Second Contacts wins an Aurora Award!

Aurora awards

The “Second Contacts” anthology by Bundoran Press has garnered Canada’s most prestigious science fiction award, the Prix Aurora. A list of winners and nominees appears in Locus.

I’m thrilled that my story, “Look, Don’t Touch,” was a small contributor to this success. Congratulations to all the winners!

Second Contacts cover

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It’s contagious!

Triangulation cover

My latest story, “Cross-Contamination”, appears in Parsec Ink’s annual Triangulation anthology. This year, the theme is “beneath the surface”.

Buy it today and read about relationship undercurrents, sneaky teenagers, menopausal hot flashes, and creeping alien fungi.
And basil.
Lots of basil.

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It’s a fruit! It’s a vegetable!

It’s an anthology!

I’m rather pleased that my first mainstream short story is about my favorite…er,…food!

You can pick up a copy of “Tomato Slices” here.

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I’m on an Airship!

Airship Ambassador header for my blog pic
Well, sort of!

Kevin at Airship Ambassador was kind enough to interview me about my story in Clockwork Canada.
You can read Part One here and Part Two here.

Also, Quill and Quire have a terrific review of the anthology in general and my story in particular. Pick up a print copy at most magazine shops or subscribe.

And, Mike Perschon, a steampunk aficionado and an English professor, tweeted that “‘East Wind in Carrall Street’ has ‘teachable short fiction’ written all over it.”

I’m so proud to be part of this antho!

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