It’s no mystery…


…that police procedurals are a popular subgenre.

I wanted to write one set in a skiffy universe, and, for fun, I made it a world where surveillance is so pervasive that it’s almost impossible to commit a crime unseen.

The result is “Hat and Stick”, now out at Evil Girlfriend Media’s Speculate!

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It’s a Jungle Out There!


I’m really pleased to have a new story out in the YA podcast Cast of Wonders. Wonderfully narrated by Amy Sturgis, the dinosaurs really come to life.

…Wait, did I just say “dinosaurs”?

I did!

Listen to the podcast (or read the text) of “The Jungle Between” here.

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Train of Thought


There’s no question that railroads, and the construction of them, have laid tracks throughout Canada’s cultural heritage.
When I wrote “Blanche’s Last Spike” I wanted to recreate the complex and brutal situations made famous by Pierre Berton’s book. I also wanted to put a unique spin on it, bringing to light the hardships suffered by many marginalized people of the time. It’s probably the most horrific story I’ve ever written.
Issue #27 of Neo-Opsis contains this tale of misery, deprivation, and triumph against evil. Full steam ahead!
Photo from The Canadian Encyclopedia archives

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Reality isn’t just all in your head


I don’t write much magical realism. Hard SF is more my style. But this little story wandered into my head one day and left rather large footprints.

It’s about self-actualization and overcoming one’s past. With citrus notes.

“The Scent of Hay and Oranges” is now up at Slink Chunk Press.

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Flights of Fancy


Everyone has one ghost story in them, and this humorous one turns out to be mine. It takes place in a busy airport and is a monologue from an “average joe” type of guy. Why? Because TSA agents are people too. 🙂

“Half-Baked” is now up at Theme of Absence.

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What if you could soar like an eagle?


A while ago, there was a youtube video making the social media rounds. It was taken by strapping a tiny camera to an eagle’s head as it flew over a river valley. A real bird’s eye view!

Recent advances in “mind melding”, such as this article in Nature were also very intriguing.

I knew I had to write a story combining both concepts.

“Limit of the Sky” in this month’s Perihelion SF was the result.

Hop on, take a ride!!

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Hear! Hear!


I’ve just realized that there is no handy list of my podcasts. If you rather listen to my stories than read them, well, now you can binge-listen!:

A Twist of Fate (The Overcast)

Old People Rules (Cast of Wonders)

Hard Passage (Cast of Wonders)

Take a Good Look (Cast of Wonders)

Off-Campus Housing (part of a Meduspod episode)

Standard Deviant (part of Lightspeed’s Women Destroy SF on Audible)

Tough Crowd (Toasted Cake)

And, P.S. Another podcast will be out soon! Teaser: Dinosaurs!

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