“The Robot Whisperer”, Fighting for the Future anthology (forthcoming)

Conflict Resolution“, Nature’s Futures (Nov 2022)

“Maximum Efficiency”, Analog (Nov 2022)

“Heart on Your Sleeve”, Nothing Without Us Too anthology (Sep 2022)

“Fruits of Labour”, Solarpunk Magazine’s Patreon (Sep 2022)

“The Centre Cannot Hold”, Solarpunk Magazine’s Patreon (Aug 2022)

“Was It Something I Said?” Solarpunk Magazine’s Patreon (April 2022)

“What You Sow”, Navigating Ruins anthology (Feb 2022)

“Optimism is the New Bleak”, SFWA Blog (Jan 2022)

Kintsukuroi of the Lucky Few“, Three-Lobed Burning Eye (Dec 2021)

“When Ada is”, Analog (Sep 2021)

“Special Delivery”, Wyldblood Press (Jun 2021)

“Short Stories as an End Goal”, SFWA Blog (Apr 2021)

“Plain Sight”, The Selkie’s Very Much Alive: Stories of Resilience anthology (Mar 2021)

“The Boggart of Campsite C47”, Black-Eyed Peas on New Year’s Day: An Anthology of Hope (Mar 2021)

Vesta for Beginners“, Utopia SF (Feb 2021)

Machine Learning“, Flash Point SF (Jan 2021)

“Stubborn as Dirt”, Calyx’s And Lately, the Sun (Nov 2020)

“Passengers, All”, Honeyguide Literary Magazine (Oct 2020)

“Handful of Empty”, Vernacular Book’s Way of the Laser (June 2020)

“Writ Large”, Magic Pens (May 2020)

“Wicked Problem”, Utopia Science Fiction (Feb 2020)

“Halps’ Promise”, Solarpunk Winters (Jan 2020)

“Special Effects”, Young Explorer’s Adventure Guide #6 (Dec 2019)

“Nowhere Radio”, Shut Down Strangers & Hot Rod Angels (Nov 2019)

“Five Ways to Talk about Twisted Oak Moss”, Rising Tides (Sep 2019)

“Long Way Down”, The Dark City mystery magazine (Jul 2019)

“Bound, Determined”, Brave New Girls #4 (Jul 2019)

“Holding Our Own”, Tesseracts 22, Alchemy and Artifacts (forthcoming Jun 2019)

“Diffidence in White and Gray”, Five Minutes at Hotel Stormcove (May 2019)

The Vector III’s Potluck Sign-up Sheet“, Sub-Q (Feb 2019)

“Woomie Saves the Day”, Young Explorer’s Adventure Guide (Dec 2018)

Easy Peasy“, Common Deer Press (Nov 2018)

Reaching Up, Reaching Back“, Constellary Tales (Nov 2018)

“Thinking Inside the Box”, Fantasia Divinity’s Out of Your Shadow: Empowered Sidekicks anthology (Oct 2018)

“The Call of the Wold”, World Weaver Press’ Glass and Gardens Solarpunk anthology (Jun 2018)

“Uphill All the Way”, Schreyer Ink’s Canadian Creatures (Jun 2018)

Bear #178“, Communitech‘s True North Conference (May 2018)

“A Little Knowledge”, The Dark City Crime and Mystery Magazine (Apr 2018)

“Home on the Free Range”, Analog (Jan 2018) Anlab Readers’ Choice!

“Fluffy Pets are Best”, Young Explorer’s Adventure Guide (Dec 2017)

“The Knells of Agassiz”, Reality Skimming’s Water anthology, (Dec 2017)

“Depth Perception”, ID Press’ Allucinor anthology (Nov 2017)

Across the Hard-Packed Sand“, Writers Resist (Nov 2017)

“Twisted Threads”, Wild Musette (Oct 2017)

The Scent That Treason Brings“, Cast of Wonders (Sept 2017) Staff Pick!

“Best of Breed”, Buckshot Magazine (Aug 2017)

“Dangerous Territory”, Brave New Girls Vol. II (Aug 2017)

“The Pink of Perfection”, Triangulation: Appetites (July 2017)

“Clarity of Signal”, Analog (July/Aug 2017)

“The Weight of the World”, CLI-FI: Canadian Tales of Climate Change (May 2017)

“Alambre”, Every Day Fiction (Mar 2017)

“Hat and Stick”, Evil Girlfriend Media’s Speculate (Jan 2017)

The Jungle Between“, Cast of Wonders (Dec 2016)

“Blanche’s Last Spike”, Neo-Opsis (Dec 2016)

The Scent of Hay and Oranges“, Slink Chunk Press (Nov 2016)

“Half-Baked”, Theme of Absence (Nov 2016)

“Limit of the Sky”, Perihelion SF (Nov 2016)

“Generation Gap”, Bundoran Press’ Lazarus Risen anthology (Sept 2016) An Aurora Award nominee!

“Ground Truthing”, Helios Quarterly Magazine (September 2016)

“Alfie’s Choice”, GWG Production’s Singular Irregularity anthology (August 2016)

“Cross-Contamination”, Parsec’s Triangulation anthology (July 2016)

Well Enough Alone“, Shoreline of Infinity (June 2016)

“End of My Rope”, Metasaga’s Futuristica anthology (June 2016)

“The Ache of New Muscles”, Amoeba Ink’s Tomato Slices anthology (June 2016)

“I Love Lupi”, Perihelion SF (May 2016)

“Growing Pains”, AE: The Canadian Science Fiction Review’s AE Micro (May 2016)

“East Wind in Carrall Street”, Exile Editions’ Clockwork Canada anthology (May 2016)

“One Bad Apple”, SciFutures Presents The City of the Future anthology (April 2016)

“Heart Proof”, Wolfsinger’s Lightships and Sabers anthology (April 2016)

“Comeback”, Strangelet. Read an excerpt here. (March 2016)

“Stewardship”, Unsung Stories (March 2016)

“Ready or Not”, Perihelion SF (Jan 2016)

“A Distant Honk”, Unlikely Story’s Clowns: The Unlikely Coulrophobia Remix anthology (Jan 2016)

“Look, Don’t Touch”, Bundoran Press’ Second Contacts anthology (Sept 2015) An Aurora Award Winner!

“Two Steps Forward”, World Weaver Press’ Scarecrow anthology (Aug 2015)

“Technicality”, Perihelion SF (July 2015)

Facing Up“, Triptych Tales (July 2015)

“Connecting through the Cosmos”, SF Comet in English and Chinese (June 2015). Reprinted in Expanded Horizons (Nov 2015)

“Flight Check”, AE: The Canadian Science Fiction Review (May 2015), most recently reprinted in MYTHIC

Total Immersion“, Wax Poetry’s Contest Winner (May 2015)

Landing Day“, Neo-Opsis magazine(May 2015)

“What Goes Around…”, AE: The Canadian Science Fiction Review’s AE Micro (April 2015)

Fermi’s Garage“, Perihelion (Jan 2015)

Trial in Error“, Aurora Wolf (Dec 2014)

Copy That“, Stupefying Stories (Nov 2014)

Slippery Slope“, Crossed Genres (Sep 2014)

“Standard Deviant”, Lightspeed Magazine (June 2014). Reprinted in Imaginarium 4.

Closure“, drabble, Specklit (June 2014)

Lesson Learned“, drabble, Specklit, (May 2014)

Old People Rules“, Cast of Wonders (May 2014)

“Trash Talk”, The Future Embodied(April 2014)

“Hard Passage”, Perihelion (April 2014). Podcast at Cast of Wonders.

“Sixth Sense”, AE: The Canadian Science Fiction Review (April 2014)

“A Twist of Fate”, Oomph: A Little Super Goes A Long Way (Oct 2013)

Take a Good Look“, Perihelion Science Fiction ( (Oct 2013) Staff Pick!

“Graveyard Shift”, Tesseracts 17(Sep 2013)

“Off-Campus Housing”, AE: The Canadian Science Fiction Review (July 2013)

Hurry Up and Wait“, Perihelion Science Fiction (May, 2013) Perihelion SF

“Tough Crowd”, AE: The Canadian Science Fiction Review , podcast at Toasted Cake (October 2012)


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