2022 in review

Another non-routine year for us all. Here’s what I had published in 2022 (mostly written in 2020 and onwards):

“What You Sow” came out in the Navigating Ruins anthology in Feb 2022.

“Was it Something I Said?”, a solarpunk story with witches and castles, appeared on Solarpunk Magazine’s Patreon in April 2022. And another flash piece about anarchist chess pieces was on the same Patreon in August: “The Centre Cannot Hold”.

“Conflict Resolution”found a home at Nature’s Futures in Oct 2022.

“Heart on Your Sleeve” appears in Nothing Without Us Too, released Sept 2022. A very personal story for me and a departure from my usual style. I was also very honored to be sharing the TOC with the last story ever written by Melissa Mead (the anthology is dedicated to her memory).

“Maximum Efficiency” appeared in the Nov/Dec 2022 Analog with a wonderful illustration, a Biolog on me, and Analog also had me record it! You can listen to it for free here: Analog Science Fiction & Fact | Free Podcasts | Podomatic” 1

I also placed 13 reprints this year plus I did a post for the SFWA Blog “Optimism is the New Bleak”.

So not a bad year, all things considered…

Best of the season and Happy New Year!


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“Maximum Efficiency” now out in Analog!

My fourth story in Analog Science Fiction and Fact magazine involves a robot trying to make sense of the world. I’m thrilled to be sharing the table of contents with a plethora of notable writers, among them Ringworld author Larry Niven.

This issue also includes a really nifty illustration of my story (including everything right down to the rake!) and also a “Biolog” of me, a one-page interview by the amazing Richard A. Lovett.

You can find the print version of the Nov/Dec 2022 issue in most bookstores that carry science fiction, or better yet, you can start a subscription in digital or print at analogsf.com. Ten thousand subscribers can’t be wrong!

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“Conflict Resolution” out now!

Often described as the world’s leading science journal, Nature has been publishing since 1869. When they started featuring science fiction, I knew I had to place a story there.

“Conflict Resolution” is free to read at Nature’s Futures. Do check it out but, fair warning, read right through to the end!

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“Heart on Your Sleeve” now out!

My latest story, “Heart on Your Sleeve”, is set in a world where memories are actual tangible artifacts. A neurodivergent person makes a tiny bit of progress learning to cope with past trauma while in an overstimulating environment. It appears in Nothing Without Us Too, a multi-genre collection by Renaissance Press contains 27 brand new stories. The anthology follows the theme of Nothing Without Us (a 2020 Prix Aurora Award finalist), featuring stories by authors who are disabled, d/Deaf or hard-of-hearing, Blind or visually impaired, neurodivergent, Spoonie, and/or who manage mental illness.

The lived experiences of the anthology’s protagonists are found across many demographics—such as race, culture, financial status, religion, gender, age, and/or sexual orientation. Co-editors Cait Gordon and Talia Johnson want to present these stories because diversity is reality, and it belongs in literary and genre fiction.

Nothing Without Us Too is available from Renaissance Press and through https://49thshelf.com/Books/N/Nothing-Without-Us-Too

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Solarpunk Magazine’s Patreon fiction!

Do you want access to new stories by me and other solarpunky folk? Become a member of Solarpunk Magazine’s Patreon and help our magazine reach its goals!
Get access to any or all of these!:
– Solarpunk Magazine Subscription
– Extended podcast content
– Original art content
– Live Q&As and AMAs
– Exclusive fiction & poetry content
– Bimonthly Solarpunk Cartoon Strip
– Discord community
– Early access to podcast episodes
– Original nonfiction content
– Voting polls

This month’s story is “The Centre Cannot Hold” — I explore what happens when pawns become sentient in a chess game and realize they are being manipulated by royalty. How will they avoid the inevitable slaughter? Find out by joining Solarpunk Magazine‘s Patreon today!

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Rockets & Robots has launched!

Propelled by enthusiasm, Word Balloon’s Rockets & Robots anthology has taken off to the stars!

My story, Woomie Saves the Day, which previously appeared in Dreaming Robot’s Young Explorers Adventure Guide, is in good company in this middle grade anthology!

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Hope is a verb

I haven’t read Hope is a Verb but I appreciate the sentiment. When I grew very depressed about the climate crisis last year, I knew the best way to combat it was take action. One of the small things I did was to apply to be a Fiction Co-Editor at Solarpunk Magazine. That one tiny action created forward momentum that continues to affect my everyday life. Thanks, Justine Norton-Kertson!

You can get a taste of Solarpunk Magazine by reading “The Brave Dress” by Starhawk, “Look to the Sky, My Love” by Renan Bernardo from issue #1, and a special favorite of mine: “Life in the City” by Endria Isa Richardson in issue #2.

I’m proud to say Solarpunk Magazine has just released its third issue. Stories by A.C. Wise and Elly Blue and others, an article by Michael J. DeLuca, and great poetry and artwork! Get Issue #3 or subscribe to the magazine today! And stay hopeful!

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Let’s Save the World!

Cover Reveal! It’s this year’s installment in the “Writers Save the World” hopepunk anthology series, Save the World, edited by the awesome J. Scott Coatsworth, and containing a story by me!

Originally printed in And Lately the Sun, “Stubborn as Dirt” involves a high school science student whose rewilding experiment takes an unexpected turn.

Save the World will be out June 22nd. Preorder today!

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“What You Sow” now available!

My latest story, “What You Sow”, examines teenagehood through a lens of magical realism. Write Hive’s Navigating Ruins anthology features 10 stories about rebuilding after change has come to life as we know it. Grab a copy today!

Paperback: https://bit.ly/347MDZd
eBook: https://bit.ly/3AuRPCK

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Solarpunk Magazine Issue #1 is out!

Solarpunk Magazine has gone from an idea to reality in a few short months, thanks to hard work by many people. I’m chuffed to be one of the Fiction Co-Editors and have had a hand in its creation.

This extra large inaugural issue contains 6 short stories, 3 poems, 4 nonfiction articles, an interview with Kim Stanley Robinson, and lots and lots of art!

Get your copy today! Or subscribe to a full year’s worth of thought-provoking fiction!

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