Let’s Save the World!

Cover Reveal! It’s this year’s installment in the “Writers Save the World” hopepunk anthology series, Save the World, edited by the awesome J. Scott Coatsworth, and containing a story by me!

Originally printed in And Lately the Sun, “Stubborn as Dirt” involves a high school science student whose rewilding experiment takes an unexpected turn.

Save the World will be out June 22nd. Preorder today!

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“What You Sow” now available!

My latest story, “What You Sow”, examines teenagehood through a lens of magical realism. Write Hive’s Navigating Ruins anthology features 10 stories about rebuilding after change has come to life as we know it. Grab a copy today!

Paperback: https://bit.ly/347MDZd
eBook: https://bit.ly/3AuRPCK

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Solarpunk Magazine Issue #1 is out!

Solarpunk Magazine has gone from an idea to reality in a few short months, thanks to hard work by many people. I’m chuffed to be one of the Fiction Co-Editors and have had a hand in its creation.

This extra large inaugural issue contains 6 short stories, 3 poems, 4 nonfiction articles, an interview with Kim Stanley Robinson, and lots and lots of art!

Get your copy today! Or subscribe to a full year’s worth of thought-provoking fiction!

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Kintsukuroi of the Lucky Few

Kintsukuroi is a Japanese philosophy that treats an object’s breakage and repair as part of its history. In my latest story, “Kintsukuroi of the Lucky Few”, now available at Three-Lobed Burning Eye, I explore how it might work when it’s applied to people as well.

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Solarpunk Magazine becomes reality!

As I look at the evolution of my writing career, I see that, over time, I’ve narrowed my focus to primarily two things: inclusivity and eco-fiction. Both of those intersect very neatly in the genre known as…Solarpunk.

To that end, I’ve recently become Assistant Editor to Solarpunk Magazine, an online SciFi-Fantasy magazine that envisions a new world and sustainable future through fiction, poetry, and nonfiction.

The time for solarpunk has come — we need more fiction and poetry about amazing technological advancements of the future that work in harmony with nature. We need stories about sustainable communities that thrive on cooperation and mutual aid rather than competition and profit. We need to build utopias with pen and page where capitalism and it’s social ills such as white supremacy, patriarchy, and massive wealth disparity are things of the past. In short, we need more literature that envision a better future.

Solarpunk Magazine, October 2021

The Kickstarter began with a bang and continues to fully fund the next year of Solarpunk Magazine at professional rates. As well as a one-year subscription for $25, there are lots of nifty rewards like a meet-and-greet with Nisi Shawl! Please back it if you can before October 31st!

For my writer friends, submissions to Solarpunk Magazine will open November 1 through November 14, 2021 and periodically thereafter. Guidelines are here.

Check out my previous solarpunk work by clicking on my “Cli-Fi” tag.

The climate crisis is a reality. But, now, so is Solarpunk Magazine — small initiatives like these can make a difference. Watch for the first issue in early 2022!

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New story in Analog!

The Sept/Oct issue of Analog Science Fiction and Fact magazine goes on sale this week. My story, “When Ada is”, is in the good company of stories by Jay Werkheiser, Marissa Lingen, Marie Vibbert, and others. I’m excited to see it in print.

This is my third story for Analog. My 2019 story, “Home on the Free Range,” was the second runner-up for that year’s Anlab Readers Award.

In 2017, my first story for Analog, “Clarity of Signal”, appeared to positive reviews at Tangent Online and elsewhere.

Look for Analog in print form at your local independent bookstore, or subscribe to Analog in electronic or print form – don’t miss an issue!

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Can we fix the world?

As editor J. Scott Coatsworth says: We’re a world beset by crises. Climate change, income inequality, racism, pandemics, an almost unmanageable tangle of issues. Sometimes it’s hard to look ahead and see a hopeful future. When I saw this anthology call for ways to “fix the world”, I wanted to applaud. We need to tackle these problems head-on, examine solutions, regain our connection with nature, apply our hearts and minds. The only way out is through.

My story, “The Call of the Wold”, looks at the workings of an intentional community with humor and compassion. Other stories in this 12-tale anthology examine how to mitigate climate change, make war obsolete, switch to alternative forms of energy, and restructure the very foundations of our society.

You can find Fix the World at Publisher | Amazon | iBooks | Barnes & Noble | Kobo | Liminal Fiction | Thalia | Goodreads

We all need to step up. Like J. Scott says: The future’s not going to fix itself.

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Very Much Alive: Stories of Resilience

Resilience is an essential in These Times. We are all feeling the weariness of 2020 creeping into 2021. My SF story in Very Much Alive, “Plain Sight”, deals with trauma–not getting “over it”, but getting through it. (CW: domestic abuse).

The pre-pandemic stories you will find in this book do not contain utopias or cast a light back on a better or happier time. They don’t tell stories of a world where nothing bad happens. As you’ll read, it is the small acts of resiliency that give humans the courage to face their fears, and ultimately, to change.

In these pages you will find artwork, poetry and stories by Canadian artists and our editors. We are part of this journey together, and we are still here – and very much alive.

Lexie Angelo

Resiliency will get us through this current world situation. That, and the little bits of hope that are there if you look for them.

Find my story and many others in the Very Much Alive anthology at The Selkie Shop.

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The Boggart of Campsite C47

2020 wasn’t a good year for most of us. When I saw the submission call for Shannon Page’s Black-Eyed Peas on New Year’s Day anthology and its focus on hope, I knew I wanted to contribute to this antidotal book. “The Boggart of Campsite C47” examines how one good apple in a barrelful of rotten ones can make a difference.

This is a wonderful, diverse, and extensive collection of short stories (and a few miscellany) based on the theme of Hope. Which is understandable, and in some ways mandated by the past year of Covid, racial injustice and tension, political divisiveness, conspiracy craziness, and simple mean-spiritedness that has permeated almost all levels of culture. Of course, there is another way to view the past year, and that is the unfettered creativity and triumph of the human spirit that emerged in front-line workers, parents, teachers, and a whole host of others. And this is where the Black-Eyed Peas Anthology is situated. On the positive side of the line. It is, quite simply, an antidote.
Paul S. Piper, author of Dogs and Other Poems and The Wolves of Mirr

Black-Eyed Peas on New Year’s Day is a multi-genre anthology. Fantasy, science fiction, literary, even nonfiction – all bursting with optimism.

Find it at Book View Cafe.

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Vesta for Beginners

Utopia SF is an up-and-coming online magazine. I’m chuffed to have my second story in the February 2021 issue (find my first story, “Wicked Problem” in the February 2020 issue).

This new story is a science fiction mystery, a subgenre that has a growing fan base. A newly retired ex-mayor of the largest colony on Vesta is en route to a smaller city on the asteroid when the shuttle is hijacked by a protectionist radical. Vesta’s unique properties allow the criminal to make a seemingly-impossible escape. Talia must act quickly to save lives and solve the mystery, so she can start the next phase of her life.

Find “Vesta for Beginners” in the February 2021 issue of Utopia SF and start unravelling the mystery!

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